We are a husband and wife team, Ross & Lindsey Sparks (hints the name of our company) working from our shop based in Fort Collins, Colorado. As avid campers we realized quickly after having a baby that our outdoors needs had changed. We needed basic amenities, but still wanted to be off grid. In October 2019 we turned our family friendly camping dreams into a reality when we started planning Sparks Overland.

Sparks Overland specializes in off road trailers and accessories for adventure seekers looking for a better way to camp. Our 4'x6' trailers start as basic shells that can be outfitted to the consumers needs with any of our modular accessories, including: slide out kitchens, solar powered generators, hot water on demand, private bathrooms and much more.

Sparks Overland trailers offer our customers the opportunity to explore off grid while still enjoying the comforts of home at an affordable price. With the added advantage of being able to claim your campsite using your custom trailer, you can leave the site to explore off road with your 4x4.

Simply. Go. Anywhere

Our Mission is to provide lightweight, modular, rugged trailers and gear to anyone looking to simplify their life of adventure, family fun or emergency preparedness.  Ready to go anywhere for anyone, this we believe is the way to get more people willing and able to get out where they need to be.

Each accessory has been carefully thought out to have the option to be modular or mounted. For example: the camp kitchen can easily be taken out of the trailer and mounted to a Jeep or SUV or it can be moved to another area of the trailer.


Our trailers weight under 2000 lbs so almost any vehicle can tow them. All of our roof top tents

are designed to open quickly and are built for comfort with 3" memory foam mattresses. With the added annex room, our camp trailers can sleep up to 4 adults and or have a private changing room.

Future Products and Services

In the future we plan to offer additional accessories including heated blankets, LED off road light bars, bunk beds, different types of roof top tents and tear drop trailers.